Arlo Security Cameras – Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2

Security cameras have numerous purposes – you can secure your own home, your business store, and, given their exceptional versatility, you could do both at the same time even. However, an unreliable security camera is worse than having none at all – the false sense of security coming from such models is often followed by even more regret and ill-fated circumstances.

Since you’re here, I’d feel safe enough to assume that you’re interested in a security camera and have your own reasons for that. My job here will be to introduce you to some of the finest security cameras and show you their benefits and flaws, so let’s get straight to it.

Arlo Cameras Comparison Table

NameNotable FeaturesPerformance levelPrice
Arlo security camera720p camera, wireless operation, infrared night-vision, HD quality, PIR motion detection, Arlo App, local storageVery high
Arlo Pro security cameraUpgraded base, dual PIR motion detection, sleep mode for battery savings, USB port allows for more storage space, Arlo Pro app, 720p camera, free cloud storageVery high
Arlo Pro 2 security cameraWireless method of operation, 1080p camera, activity zones, optional continuous recording, 3-second look-back featureExceptionally high

Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 – Reviews

Arlo Security Camera

Arlo-Security-CameraArlo is the predecessor of both Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, obviously, and there are a couple of things why I’m going to recommend it despite the fact that better, updated versions are available. It’s the least expensive of the three, and it comes with the basic technologies and benefits all three cameras provide.

Arlo security camera is often labelled as entry-level security camera which boasts high affordability and reliability, which are, sadly, the only spheres of performance where this particular model excels when compared to the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.

Key features

Arlo security camera runs on the 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz signals and features a camera with 720p. It also comes outfitted with a set of wireless batteries and a water + weather-proof design. It works like a charm in nearly any condition, which is why most people consider it – rain, high, or low temperatures doesn’t seem to impede upon its performance at all.

What’s more, you’ll be able to benefit from the night-vision feature. This is particularly convenient, given that most burglaries happen at night.

The first Arlo security camera has set the foundation stones of the latest letters in technology with PIR motion detection devices. Even though later models have used this technology as a basis and improved it, it’s worth mentioning that here is where it all began.

You’ll be able to benefit from free cloud storage system (for seven days only, though, after which this will cost you) – this system can be used to pair up to five cameras. Overall, Arlo security camera’s features are a bit plain and simplistic, but great.

What is it good for?

Most people point out that the easily-configurable base is the first benefit of Arlo security camera. Apart from that, this model is exceptionally cheap and fairly good for an entry-level security camera. The adjustable sensitivity allows you to further customize the motion sensors while the Arlo application simplifies the method of operation.

Plainly put, Arlo security camera is great for people who want a good-quality security camera without paying too much for it. The simple feature outfit is also well-suited for people who are having a tough time getting accustomed to the latest technologies.

What does it lack?

Nearly all other “Arlo’s” are better than the first model. The only thing that Arlo security camera can give you (what others can’t) is increased affordability and simplified features. Apart from that, you should consider other Arlo security camera versions.


Arlo Pro Add-on Security Camera

Arlo-Pro-Add-on-Security-CameraArlo Pro is the first improvement of the Arlo security camera. It features a somewhat increased size and a plethora of customizable options, which makes it superior to its predecessor in terms of versatility.

Comparing the price of these two, I’ve found that they both belong to the same price point category, although the Arlo Pro is a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, this camera is still quite better, and surely worth the extra buck.

Key features

Plain setup process, smartphone live-feed monitoring, and a high-quality 720 HD camera are the most notable features of Arlo Pro. It comes outfitted with an updated base station which significantly improves its functionality. The wireless batteries used with Arlo Pro are the same ones equipped to the original Arlo security camera.

What’s more, this camera features two-way communication audio system – the one feature the original Alro security camera lacks. This very feature is the reason why Arlo Pro is greatly superior to its predecessor.

Furthermore, the original Arlo uses PIR motion detection device while Arlo Pro uses Dual PIR motion detection. Simply put, this feature allows for an improved performance and speed of data transmission. The majority of other features remain the same, with the exception of several ones which were slightly improved for better functionality.

What is it good for?

Generally, Arlo Pro requires less frequent battery recharges, detects motion within a shorter time span, and provides an increased view-field angle. You’ll be able to survey key points at much higher efficiency should you go with this models, but you also need to pay a bit more in turn.

What does it lack?

The original Arlo security camera features a weather-proof design. Arlo Pro, however, is less durable, hence it lacks a bit in this field. Specifically speaking, colder days may prove to be a problem, since the battery will start degrading faster in such atmosphere. Apart from that, Arlo Pro is better than the original Arlo security camera in other spheres of performance.


Arlo Pro 2 Add-on Security Camera

Arlo-Pro-2 Add-on-Security-CameraThe latest Arlo security camera bears the name of “Arlo Pro 2”. This is the latest, most up-to-date security camera from this manufacturer, and it offers the highest level of performance, alas, at the highest price as well. Be it as it may, the Arlo Pro 2 is better in terms of efficiency and functionality while lacking only in the affordability field.

Key features

Arlo Pro 2 features a wireless method of operation, just like the two that came before it. Furthermore, this is the first Arlo camera that comes outfitted with a 1080p HD camera – notice that both Arlo security camera and the Arlo Pro are outfitted with a 720p camera, so it’s easy to note that this model has a better one.

This model features a fully-weatherproof design, taking care of the problem that the Arlo Pro had with durability and poor weather conditions. What’s more, it supports both IFTTT & Alexa commands, making it much simpler to use than its predecessors.

The continuous recording potential can be seen with all three Arlo cameras, and the Arlo Pro 2 isn’t an exception. You’ll be able to benefit from free cloud & local storage (just like every Arlo camera), but note that you can enjoy these features for a week before they become taxable.

What is it good for?

Personally, I liked the Arlo Pro 2 best because it comes with a superior camera. It also fixes some of the annoying flaws Arlo and Arlo Pro came with, so it’s easy to see that this security camera is good for virtually every occasion.

What does it lack?

There are only three things I didn’t like about the Arlo Pro 2. First of all, it’s quite expensive. Even though it belongs to the price point category which is only slightly higher above when compared to the earlier two models, this one does not come cheap.

Secondly, Arlo Pro 2 is virtually useless without a hub. Now, this feature is included in the bundle, but if a case appears that you don’t get one, your Arlo Pro 2 will be virtually useless.

Tertiary and lastly, the majority of functions can be used only if Arlo Pro 2 is plugged in. This is not such a big flaw, but it is one nonetheless.


Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 – Differences

Camera quality

The first difference between the aforementioned Arlo security cameras can be seen in the camera quality. Now, both the Arlo and Arlo Pro feature 720P cameras, but the Arlo Pro 2 comes with a 1080p one.

Secondly, only the Arlo security camera and Arlo Pro 2 have weather-proof design. Note that Arlo Pro has slight flaws regarding its design when facing low temperatures. Apart from that, each camera is capable of recording and capturing videos at a wide-angle view.

Overall features score

The majority of features all of these cameras come outfitted with are pretty great, but there are slight differences between each model. For instance, the Arlo security camera lacks the 2-way audio feed, but Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 got rid of this problem.

On the other hand, every further improvement of Arlo security camera came with an upgraded set of features, which virtually translates to better performance and settings. Other than that, it’s safe to say that each of these three cameras boast a high features score.


The original Arlo features PIR motion detection technology while Arlo Pro features dual PIR motion technology. Needless to say, the Arlo Pro 2 also has the dual PIR tech, which was even upgraded for that matter.

Other notable differences regarding the technology can be seen in the app platforms used to operate these devices. Each app bears the name of the model in question (for instance, the original Arlo has the “Arlo app”, Arlo Pro – “Arlo Pro app”, and so on) and slight changes in the design (weatherproof are all except the Arlo Pro, slight changes regarding the durability, and other minor changes).


Price is the most obvious parameter of differences between the three Arlo security cameras. The original one is the cheapest while the newest model is the most expensive.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to see that both Arlo security camera and Arlo Pro belong to the same price point category – it’s only the Arlo Pro 2 which belongs to the higher price range.

Arlo vs Arlo Pro vs Arlo pro 2 – Which One to Buy?

Basically, it falls down to your preference. Arlo security camera could bring you the same benefits as the latest Arlo Pro 2, but there are small details that make the difference between a smudgy picture and a high-quality video, all brought by the superior camera capabilities.

Each of these models boast a considerable value for the cash, and all of them are considered to be entry-level security cameras, which strikes the price out as a factor for most people.

On the other hand, the performance of all three of these cameras can be characterized as high, even though each model surpasses the one which comes before it in both quality and efficiency.

If you’re asking me, I’d go with the Arlo Pro 2. This model is superior in all spheres of performance and, even though it comes at a higher price, it brings more benefits and advantages than the other two combined, but that’s only my personal opinion.

Final Verdict

Choosing a good security camera might be tricky – most of the features and technologies stated in the manual sound a bit too technical, and it’s easy to get confused.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m here. I’ve made this review of the best security cameras so that you don’t have to look far and wide – Arlo cameras are among the finest on the market, and I’ve taken the liberty of comparing their best three models for your convenience, so browse away and take your pick.

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