Best Charcoal Grill Under $200: Top 5 Best Value Charcoal Grills

Best-Charcoal-Grill-Under-200Are you a barbecue lover?

Then, during cold weather nothing can be more satisfying to you than biting in a barbecue grill or a hamburger. If you are going to picnic, camping or make a barbecue party then a charcoal grill is the best way to go. It will grill your foods easily and effectively by using flame, smoke or by direct heat.

Grilling is not only the way to feed yourself or your friends and family but also the way of making lots of fun and excitement with them. Surely all grills cook foods; but, each charcoal grill comes with significant features which make them different from each to another. A grill plays very important role on how amazingly your meat or vegetables will be cooked or how will they taste. That is why you have to know well at first what types of food you want to cook with your grill and which features you actually need. It will help you to find out the right one for you.

What is a charcoal grill?

A charcoal grill is made with metal or ceramic and uses charcoal as a fuel source. The burnt charcoal provides necessary heat for cooking foods. Charcoal is great as fuel for grilling and burns for a long time and provides heat for slow cooking. They usually work by indirect grilling and are great for making delicious foods whilst adding a mouthwatering smoky flavor.

However, charcoal grills come in different sizes, shapes and with different features. You have to take into consideration all of them before buying one. If you have a budget limit, you can go through over this article. Here, we have reviewed thoroughly of top 5 best charcoal grill under 200 bucks. This article will help you to find out the best and low cost charcoal grill for you. So, let’s have a look.

Best Charcoal Grill Under $200 Comparison

Weber 1440100136.7 pounds4.8/5
Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado37 pounds4.8/5
Kingsford GR1031-01498473.5 pounds4.7/5
Titan Attachments65 pounds4.7/5
Po' Man Grill20 pounds4.7/5

Best Charcoal Grill Under 200 Dollars Reviews

1. Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber-14401001-Original-Kettle-Premium-Charcoal-GrillThe Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is one of the best charcoal grills under 20o which features a heavy duty porcelain-enameled bowl and lid which is 22-inch in diameter.

With this premium charcoal grill, you will get a cooking space of 363 square inches. Beside this, you can also monitor the grill’s temperature with the help of integrated lid thermometer.

The cooking grate of this machine comes with hinged plated steel. It features an aluminum ash catcher with one touch cleaning system. The aluminized steel ash catcher is removable and it will make easier your indirect grilling.

This grill comes with aluminum damper which is rust resistant and two glass reinforced nylon handles with integrated tool hooks for your convenient use and storage. Beside this, you will get an extra cover on the lid of this grill to protect you from heat and also to give you a comfortable cooking experience.

The dimensions of this grill are 38.5-inch by 27-inch by 22.5-inch when it is assembled. And, you can raise the legs of the grill to its highest height with the spring clip or a push pin system which is included with it.

What we liked

  • Durable porcelain-enameled bowl.
  • Hinged cooking grate.
  • Removable and easy to clean aluminum ash catcher.
  • Lid handle gives heat protection.
  • Dimensions are 38.5-inch by 27-inch by 22.5-inch when assembled.
  • Hold more heat than other charcoal grill.

What we didn’t like

  • Secondary rack may create difficulties while rotating.


2. Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller-Akorn-Jr.-Kamado-Kooker-Charcoal-GrillChar-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill is one of the best affordable charcoal grill under $200. While you are planning for a picnic, camping or going to the park, this charcoal grill is excellent for you.

The most impressive features of this charcoal grill are it is durable and lightweight than other ceramic grills. The outer part of this grill is made with powder coated steel and the inner  part is with porcelain coated steel which make this grill long lasting.

You will get the primary cooking area of 153 square inch and the cooking grates are made of cast iron. The dump ash pan of this charcoal grill is very easy to clean up.

This Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill features triple walled 22 gauge steel to give you the best grilling experience. With this Kamado style grill, you will get the opportunity to cook your foods with high heat or make roast with low flame or smoke. It maintains temperature from 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and the adjustable air-flow dampers provide heat evenly to cook your foods and to spread nice aroma. Additionally, the kamado design of this charcoal grill helps it to hold heat like most expensive ceramic grills and lets it to use less charcoal for cooking.

It comes with sturdy handles which makes it easy to carry, even when you want to grill on the go. Its short legs are strong enough for standing steady while you are grilling.

What we liked

  • Durable and light weight make it perfect for tailgating or camping.
  • Provides heat evenly to cooking foods.
  • Quick grilling or smoking.
  • More grilling with less charcoal.
  • Easy to clean ash pan.
  • Portable for grilling on the go.

What we didn’t like

  • Seems that handles and stands are bit flimsy.


3. Kingsford GR1031-014984 Barrel Charcoal Grill

Kingsford-GR1031-014984-Barrel-Charcoal-GrillKingsford GR1031-014984 Barrel Charcoal Grill is another excellent charcoal under $200. This heavy duty charcoal grill comes with 793 square inch cooking area and includes wheels for easy transportation.

This Kingsford Barrel charcoal grill with its sturdy cast iron cooking grates is capable of grilling 35 burgers at a time. Its capacity makes it perfect for large family or barbecue party.

Its built in thermometer lets you to control temperature while grilling meat, fish, and vegetables. This charcoal grill includes an adjustable metal side shelf which is great for placing your plate or other utensils you need. Besides, it has also a strong bottom storage rack where you can store your necessary things.

This 30 inch barrel grill has dimensions of 43″ x 23.5″ x 50″ when it is assembled and is large enough for the party. You will get step by step set up instruction with this grill for your convenience.

What we liked

  • Large cooking space.
  • Sturdy cast iron cooking grates.
  • Wheels make easy transportation.
  • Temperature control system for uniform cooking with precise flavor.
  • Convenient to assemble and use.
  • Charcoal pan is easy to remove and clean.

What we didn’t like

  • Includes only one side shelf.
  • It needs to be assembled.


4. Titan Attachments Heavy Duty Park Style Charcoal Grill

Titan-Attachments-Heavy-Duty-Park-Style-Charcoal-GrillHeavy Duty Park Style Charcoal Grill is one of the affordable charcoal grills under $200 that comes with fantastic features for those who want park style grill on their backyard. It is sturdy and long lasting charcoal grill.

It comes with thick and heavy duty adjustable grate. You can set the grate easily in four different levels so that your steaks are cooked every time perfectly. The foods taste really awesome when you cook with charcoal.

The most amazing feature of this grill is that it swivels 360 degrees and cook your foods uniformly and you don’t need to use any cart to turn the grill around. But, it doesn’t throw ash or coal while you turn it as this grill has a barrier in front of it.

With this charcoal grill, you will get cooking space of 16″ x 16″ and dimension of the grill box is 16″ x 16″ x 8″. 39” mount should be cemented on the ground which makes the grill well balanced and provides stability to it  for your grilling. You can safely place this park style grill on your backyard.

What we liked

  • Long lasting steel grill.
  • It swivels 360 degrees.
  • Thick and sturdy grate.
  • Four cooking levels with the grate for perfect cooking.
  • Perfect for backyard.

What we didn’t like

  • No ash tray with it.
  • Cooking space is not so wide.
  • There is no installation instruction with this product.


5. The Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill

The Original Po' Man Charcoal GrillThe Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill is one of the best affordable charcoal grills that comes with the maximum capacity to grill up a feast with maximum flavor and minimum hassle. At your first look, you may think it is a trash can. But, it is made with very long lasting rolled steel and stainless metals. The outer part is painted with high temperature bbq paint to give the grill perfect finishing.

This charcoal grill includes 2 skewers, 1 round grate and flavor lock drip plate. It is very simple to set up and operate. There is no chance to mess it up if you follow the direction. Just light the coals, add your meat to the grill, tilt the lid and leave it as it is and let the grill to do its thing.

You can make mouth watering foods of pork, beef, poultry, fish and vegetables perfectly with this trash can cooker. The crock pot of this Po’ Man gives foods the taste of a smoker. You will think that you are master in cooking. Everything will come out fabulous with exact flavor.

Besides, this charcoal grill is an autopilot. It will let you plenty of time to enjoy or for flip flops, hunting, fishing, golfing or for spending time with your family and friends. It is also simple to clean up.

What we liked

  • Made with long lasting rolled steel and stainless metals.
  • Perfectly cooks your food with maximum flavor.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Simple to use.
  • It is portable and simple to set up.

What we didn’t like

  • It looks like a trash can.


What to look for before buying a charcoal grill under $200?

There are many charcoal grills are available in the market within your budget. All of them do not work in same way. They come with different features and functions. So, you should look all of the features before buying a charcoal grill. Here is some key points what you should look for when you buy a charcoal grill under $200.

Temperature control system

To cook your food perfectly you need to control the temperature of your grill. It seems controlling temperature may be easy. But, achieving the exact temperature with a charcoal grill is difficult. Temperature control depends on the lid quality, dampers and the gap between the charcoal and the cooking grate.

Digital thermometer

Different food preparations require different temperature and you must need to monitor the temperature to cook foods perfectly. Most modern charcoal grills come with digital thermometer. Using the thermometer you can do that easily.

Quality of the lid

The quality of a charcoal does matter as the lid helps to hold the temperature inside the grill. A good quality lid fits the best and retains more temperature for faster grilling. So, you should go for a grill that has a well-fitted good quality lid.

Ash removal

As charcoal is used as a fuel source which creates ashes after burning. You have to remove ash after a certain time while you are grilling. Some grills come with ash container that collects ash and makes the cleaning easy.

Cleaning and maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance make a grill long lasting. But, all of the grills are not easy to clean. So, before buying you should check the cleaning procedure.


Generally, charcoal grills those are made with cast iron or cast aluminum, powder coated steel or stainless steel. So, check the materials before buying for long lasting use.

Final Words

Charcoal grills are great for your outdoor cooking while you are going for picnic, camping or bbq party. These are very simple to use and less expensive than the others. Charcoal grills will give you excellent tasting result with the maximum aroma. But, different comes with different features and benefits. Besides, their prices also vary.

If you have a budget limit, then you may go for a charcoal grill under $200. They really will give you the value more than the price. But, you should know what type of foods you will be cooking and which features you will need. Our article may help you to find out a budget friendly charcoal grill according to your requirements.

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