Best Subwoofer under $200 – Get the Most from Your Bass

A subwoofer is basically a woofer which reproduces the lowest audio frequencies – the bass. You’ve certainly seen them in action at parties – the big encasements with a rounded circle in the middle – that’s the subwoofer. It’s the heart of every party, the foundation of every serious sound system, and a necessity for every audiophile, essentially.

You certainly know what you are looking for since you came here – you’re after a low-cost high-performance speaker, but what if I told you that there are thousands, if not millions of models that match that exact description?

Well, my friends, you shouldn’t fret too much about it – I’ve already found five models which boast a substantial value for the money and reviewed them. Simply browse downward and you’ll see a comparison table – that’s basically a short summary of my top picks, after which you’ll get the fresh individual reviews.

Best subwoofer under 200 comparison table

NameWoofer’s sizeSound emission qualityPrice
Rockford Fosgate P300-1212 inchesOutstanding
Sony SACS910-inch active powered subwooferImpeccable
Pioneer SW-8MK28-inch long-throw woofersOutstanding
Yamaha YST-SW21610-inch long-stroke cone driversVery good
MTX TNE212DDual 12-inch woofersVery good

Top subwoofer under 200 reviews

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer

Rockford-Fosgate-P300-12-Punch-300-Watt-Powered-Loaded-12-Inch-SubwooferThe first budget subwoofer in this review comes from Rockford Fosgate. Now, this is a serious, well-renowned brand that earned its fame with countless high-quality products that are mostly in the “high-end” price point category. Nevertheless, after some digging, I’ve managed to find the P300. This is one of the best subwoofer models under 200 bucks, and you’ll soon see why.

There are two size options at your disposal – the 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers, but there’s a “catch”, of sorts. Namely, the price difference between these two is so small that you should definitely consider the improved option.

This subwoofer is constructed with special 5/8” MDF materials, there are 12 AWG terminals at your disposal, and you’ll get to utilize the high-grade Class-D amp with 300 rated watts. One of the best features of this woofer is the remote bass control, which is also the reason why this model is my number 1 pick.

The sealed enclosure entraps the bass frequencies, outputting them with clarity and pinpoint accuracy. Now, the only problem I had with this subwoofer is its overly plain design. Even though this is not a flaw per se, some people like their woofers to look the part, and sadly, this one won’t be able to give you that.

Some people reported that the automatic shut-off feature doesn’t work. Even though I was lucky enough to get a model which didn’t have this issue, I’d say that there’s a possibility that you might not be, so this is the first and only flaw of Rockford Fosgate’s P300 subwoofer.

Overall, the price is more than fair, the durability is on point, and I’d say that the performance level of P300 is unparalleled and unmatched. I highly recommend this woofer to every audiophile out there, regardless of your intended use for it – it’s ideal for professional DJs, people who want to get a quality surround system at home, and literally everyone who likes good bass in general.

What we liked

  • One of the best woofers in the “subwoofer package with the amplification device” department
  • Available in 10” and 12” variations
  • Features high-grade MDF materials
  • Class-D amp with 300 rated watts
  • Remote control included
  • Sealed, durable enclosure

What we didn’t like

  • Looks quite ordinary and plain
  • Some people had troubles with the automatic shut-off feature

Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer

Sony-SACS9-10-Inch-Active-SubwooferNext up is Sony’s SACS9, an active type of subwoofer. Personally, I liked this model a lot, mainly because it comes in four style variations.

The first one is the 2-way center speaker – this one’s pretty small, but quite powerful, although it couldn’t meet my demands in full.

The 3-way bookshelf speaker edition was conventional, but it lacked the acoustic encasing of the active powered woofer we’re going to review now. Lastly, the floor-standing speaker edition is simply perfect for homes, but you’ll have a hard time organizing a solid party with it. Needless to say, the model I’ve picked for you is the most versatile of the four.

First of all, this subwoofer features 115 rated watts – the amplified woofer operates at 6 ohms, eighty Hz, and 10% THD. This model is compatible with all high-resolution audio formats and platforms, so you’ll be able to utilize its performance to the max, whatever you wanted it for.

Furthermore, this woofer comes equipped with a foamed reinforcement which adds plenty of durability without being a hindrance to the sound compression and output. Plainly put, you’ll get to enjoy in the deepest, clearest bass resonance ever without having to worry about a thing.

Among the gratis, or “bonus” features, you’ll get an RCA cord and the instruction manual. Though humble, these features are quite great.

If we’re to observe the performance of this subwoofer as a standalone product, I’m sure we could easily get to the conclusion that it’s pretty cool for the buck. However, most people point out that it lacks the “punch” a Yamaha woofer can give you. Other than that, I failed to spot any major flaws.

What we liked

  • Outstanding value for the cash
  • Available in 4 style variations
  • 115 rated watts
  • Foamed reinforcement for added durability
  • Gratis features include the RCA cable and the instruction’s manual

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks the punch of “Yamaha” woofers
  • Somewhat bulky, even though the woofer is only 10” large

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer

We’re looking at a premium-quality subwoofer from Pioneer – one of the world-class leaders in this technological department. Their SW-8MK2 was designed with one thing in mind – people who need power, deep and accurate bass, all at an affordable price shouldn’t look any further.

This remarkable subwoofer features a powerful internal amplifier which boasts 100 watts that allows you to benefit from a controlled bass output at any given volume.

There are crossover, as well as phase adjustments that will perfectly blend this subwoofer with other speakers. The frequency range spans from 38 Hz to 150 Hz, which is pretty awesome, considering the price.

Now, what I really liked about this subwoofer is the easy setup. Namely, there are both level & line level types of inputs that allow for remarkably easy installation with a regular speaker wire or a conventional subwoofer cable (note, you could use a guitar cable to connect this woofer to a speaker, but I highly advise against it).

The first thing I didn’t particularly like about this subwoofer is the small woofer size which appeared even smaller in comparison to the humungous encasement size. Namely, this woofer is only 8” long (for the reasons why the size is important with woofers, consult the buying guide).

Other than that, everything else was in perfect order. I found this subwoofer as versatile and very affordable, even for a cheap, budget subwoofer. Basically, I could label this model as the best subwoofer under 200 bucks with a clear conscience and still get away with it, as it’s perfect for the cash.

What we liked

  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Easy installation process with multiple options
  • Crossover & Phase adjustments
  • Long-throw woofer type
  • Powerful subwoofer with 100 rated watts
  • Controlled bass output at different volume levels

What we didn’t like

  • Bulky design
  • Small woofer size

YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Black

YST-SW216-10" 100-Watt-Powered-Subwoofer-BlackAnd here comes Yamaha – the grandfather of electronics. The YST-SW216 is one of the best Yamaha subwoofers in the budget price point category.

This model boasts 100w of dynamic power while the woofer itself is a long-stroke type outfitted with exquisite magnetic shielding. Needless to say, this woofer is as durable as they make them.

What’s more, this is an active woofer. That means that you’ll benefit from a substantial increase in power and sound accuracy if you use the corresponding features and options, but it’s safe to say that even in inactive form, this woofer packs quite a punch.

The high-cut filter is selectable, which basically means that you don’t need to use this feature – it comes handy in certain situations where the “highs” are needed, but most people use subwoofers to pronounce and accentuate the “lows”.

Personally, I liked the design of Yamaha’s YST-SW216 subwoofer. Even though it looks quite ordinary, there are certain details that make it look unique and exquisite, not to mention “different” from every other speaker in this price point category.

Most people report that this is an economical subwoofer. It’s best if you already own a mid or high-priced sound system, and it feels as if it’s best that you use it for home applications rather than legit parties or performances. Nevertheless, it holds a substantial value for the money, and I highly recommend it.

What we liked

  • High-power 100W woofer
  • 10” superb-quality cone driver
  • Front-firing woofer
  • High value for the price
  • Remarkably affordable
  • Top-shelf Yamaha quality

What we didn’t like

  • Works best if you already have a mid-priced system to pair it up with
  • Ideal for home applications, not so good for parties and live performance situations

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

MTX-Audio-Terminator-Series-TNE212D-1,200-Watt-Dual-12-Inch-Sub-EnclosureThe last subwoofer under 200 bucks in this review comes from MTX – the “Audio Terminator TNE212D”. Now, this particular model is among the finest in this review regarding the aesthetics –  I know that most people nearly completely disregard the importance of this quality, but I find it as a necessity since I often throw parties at my humble abode.

There are four style variations at your disposal – the “8” powered with enclosure” is a bit small, but very practical and compact. The “Dual 10” subwoofer with amplifier” is, perhaps, the most conventional and powerful of the four, but I really liked the “Dual 12” woofers with enclosure” style, as it was perfect for my needs.

This model features 2 12” Terminator woofers and a durable, vented enclosure. The “vented” part means that you’ll get a richer bass coming out, but it might not be as precise and clear as the emissions from Yamahas subwoofer.

What’s more, this woofer was constructed with aviation-grade carpet materials – it’s practically ideal for in-car sound systems, although you won’t be disappointed if you use it for home applications.

The only real problem I had with this subwoofer is the lack of clarity in the bass emissions. You’ll hear plenty of booms and “wobs”, so you’ll be satisfied if you like a deep bass output, but personally, I prefer certain genres which demand the bass to be accurate and pure. Great value for the price, though.

What we liked

  • Comes in four style variations
  • Dual speaker system
  • Great for cars and home applications
  • Decently powerful acoustics and bass output
  • Durable construction

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks bass clarity

Things to consider before purchasing a cheap subwoofer

Choosing a budget subwoofer set isn’t that hard. There are only a couple of things you need to consider before you can label a model as “the best subwoofer under 200 dollars”. Basically, focus on:

Woofer size

Woofer size is very important – basically, the larger the speaker is, the stronger the bass output will be. Although this is not a rule – certain brands make better quality speakers, so you might find Yamaha’s (example) 8” speaker to be more powerful than an underdog’s 12” speaker.

All you need to know is this – the woofer’s size is a true representative of its quality if it’s made by a reliable brand. Check out Yamaha’s and Sony’s subwoofers, and you’ll note that they seldom make woofers which are below 8” in size.


The strength of the subwoofer in question is determined by its wattage. For example, Pioneer’s SW-8MK2 subwoofer features 100 rated watts, and that’s considered to be powerful enough to provide enough watts for a live performance.

That being said, every woofer with 100W or more can be used for large parties, gigs, live performances, and similar functions.

Intended use and size

Now, it’s up to you to determine what are you going to do with your subwoofer. Some people need a stronger bass output in their cars, so they go with compact woofers. Those who need a strong woofer for parties usually go with 150W+ powerhouses, so it’s important to note that differences are apparent and virtually palpable.

You’ll hear a lot of people complaining about their woofers being bulky. This tends to be a problem with storage – bulky woofers take up a lot of room, so they’re often found in large venues for live performance shows and such.

On the other hand, compact woofers are small enough to fit virtually anywhere. People who need to kick up their bass output at home, and people who want a small travelling woofer usually pick them.


A flimsy speaker is, in my opinion, useless. Even though you may invest extra care and attention, someone will eventually graze it, drop it, or knock it over.

Robust woofers are made of durable materials (such as aviator-grade carpet, PVC, or such), whereas ideal woofers feature vented openings or special encasements which provides substantial boosts to their durability rating.

If you’re unsure what these are, check out the individual reviews of the best subwoofers under 200 dollars above – nearly all of these models come supplied with the aforementioned features and qualities.


The price is very important – even though you’re specifically looking for a budget subwoofer (those under 200 bucks), there’s a world of differences between a woofer of 100 and a woofer of 200 dollars.

Make sure to check them all out (the aforementioned five) – if you need a quick rundown of the most notable qualities of these subwoofers, check out the comparison table for brief overview of their values for the money.


Personally, I think that Rockford Fosgate is the best subwoofer under 200 bucks. It simply has it all – it’s very durable, it doesn’t cost too much, and it provides a great level of reliability and performance. Of course, the other four models are all great in their own way, so make sure to check them all out before you make the final verdict yourself.

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