Ultimate Security – Schlage vs. Kwikset Deadbolts

Introduction – a foreword about deadbolts

Deadbolts, or deadbolt locks are the last letter in home security technology. One of the main reasons why you should consider owning one is quite straightforward – you won’t ever have to worry about trespassers or burglars.

Now, there’s a plethora of brands that offer a wide variety of locks, but only a couple of trustworthy companies will give you a reliable deadbolt lock. Such brands are Schlage and Kwikset.

In fact, these two are so popular that people often compare them, but a fitting answer to the question of which one’s better was never delivered. That’s why I’m here – we’re going to pit these deadbolt locks against each other in a test of endurance, value, and performance, ultimately deciding the victor at the very end.

Benefits of owning a deadbolt

It’s safe to say that it’s in everyone’s best interest to secure their homes as best as they can, and there’s no better way of achieving that than using a deadbolt lock. However, that’s not the only benefit these contraptions will give you. Some of the key benefits of owning a deadbolt lock are:

Deadbolt locks are supremely reliable

Simply put, each deadbolt lock goes through a series of rigorous performance tests before reaching the market. The brands which manufacture these contraptions are legally obliged to call for experts to test out their products, so the chances of you getting a defunctive product are extremely slim.

What’s more, deadbolt locks were specifically and intentionally built to last for decades, whereas regular lock mechanisms usually last for a couple of years before rust and corrosion get to them. That being said, I highly advise that you go with deadbolt locks if you truly value your home’s security.

Most deadbolt models aren’t too expensive

Deadbolts are fairly more expensive than your average old-school locks, but their value is significantly and substantially larger. For instance, you could always hope to be content with that “best” locking mechanism you’ve saw in an advertisement, but there’s a slim chance it will do the job correctly.

On the other hand, most car owners don’t pay too much heed for the price of a tiger lock, but that’s a necessity if you want to protect and safeguard your valuables. The same goes for your home doors, only with deadbolts, which can be considered as tiger lock’s door counterpart.

Durability of deadbolt locks is unprecedented and unparalleled

An average lock can be characterized as sturdy, but we all know that burglars and thieves find innovative ways to break into your home as time goes by. That’s why your “average” lock won’t be able to protect you from a resourceful burglar.

Jimmying the doors open with as much as a plain hairpin, the modern thief will find a way into your home –better yet, will find the way around your lock unless you choose the deadbolt lock type.

These locks are so durable that they could withstand quite a punishment, and it’s safe to assume that you’ll need a panzer if you want to break through it. Even though all deadbolt locks are super sturdy, Schlage’s and Kwikset models are even more than others, which is why I’ve made this review.

Deadbolt locks ensure absolute control over your security and privacy

While a plain lock serves a singular purpose, deadbolt locks are more versatile. Namely, you’ll be able to customize the way your doors are to be opened, the operating mechanism, and other important settings.

Having control over your locking mechanism allows you to know every little detail about your home security. Have you ever felt like you’ve forgotten to lock your doors? Well, that’s just one of the problems that won’t be bothering you.

These locks are fairly easy to setup

Deadbolt locks are, despite their complex nature, very easy to setup. This might not be as important as the level of performance of these contraptions, but it’s still something worth mentioning. Most deadbolt locks come with specific instructions, so you shouldn’t have any problems regarding the installation.

Schlage vs. Kwikset Performance Evaluation

As I’ve mentioned before Schlage and Kwikset are the leading brands in the deadbolt industry. I’ve pitted two of their finest models against each other, so let’s see who comes on top.

Lock housing

Lock housing, or the design of the lock’s cylinder can be characterized as the durable part of the deadbolt. Simply put, if this feature is of insufficient durability, the burglar will be able to pry your doors open – most burglars and thieves resort to this method as it’s the simplest and the quickest way to get around the lock.

Obviously, a sturdy housing will reduce the chances of burglars breaking through, which is why we’re comparing Schlage’s deadbolt vs. Kwikset model’s housing before all else.

Now, Schlage’s deadbolt features a thick, sturdy housing which encases the entire cylinder. Suffice to say, a burglar will need a lot of expertise (and time, as well as patience) if he (or she) is to even consider breaking through it.

Kwikset’s deadbolt, on the other hand, features a lightweight, semi-hollow construction which is inferior to Schlage’s deadbolt in terms of durability. That’ the reason why Schlage wins this round.


The deadbolt’s actual “bolt” is another key component which prevents the door from opening during a forced entry. Now, a strong bolt will be able to repel the invaders regardless of the tools they’re using, whereas less sturdy bolts can withstand pry-bars, crowbars, and simpler tools.

Schlage’s deadbolt’s bolt is very big and, perhaps, a bit stronger than Kwisket’s dead “bolt”. Again, Schlage wins, but by a hair’s length this time.


Much like the bolt, the screw is very important as well. Most burglars tend to strike at the lock’s housing but get dissuaded by the sound they make during the process, which is when they opt for going for the screw.

Again, the screw’s size and durability are of utmost importance when it comes to deadbolt’s performance. Even though prying the screws loose wont’ necessarily mean that the burglar will be able to force an entry, but it goes without saying that the job will be significantly easier then.


The cylinder is the lock’s part which takes the key in before the spring mechanism starts working, unlocking the door. Now, if a burglar is devious enough, this approach is the smartest one. Most skilled burglars employ the use of lockpicking – picking a lock with a special tool leaves absolutely zero traces and makes less noise when compared to other burglary methods.

A strong cylinder is the one which can’t be picked. Regardless of the tools used and the skills honed by the burglar, a good cylinder will need to be pried open or destroyed.

Now, it would be worthwhile to mention that there is no lock which is completely lockpick-proof. As mentioned before, burglars tend to invent new ways, and manufacturers can’t predict every single move they could make, but deadbolts are far ahead in technology when compared to their old-school counterparts.

Schlage’s deadbolt, just like Kwikset’s model can be lockpicked, but Kwikset’s model is somewhat larger, leaving a bigger surface a burglar can operate on (which simplifies the lockpicking process).


The price is, perhaps, the least important factor you should consider, given that both deadbolt models aren’t exactly too expensive. Then again, can you really put a price on security?

Now, Shlage’s deadbolt and Kwikset deadbolt belong to the same price point category. In fact, the difference in price between these two models is so small that it’s virtually irrelevant. This might be the only sphere where these locks are tied.

Shlage Deadbolt prosSchlage-Z-Wave-Connect-Camelot-Touchscreen-Deadbolt

  • Exceptional housing durability
  • Decently small and sturdy bolt
  • Outstanding drill resistance
  • Superb screw design and construction
  • Nearly lockpick-proof cylinder
  • Moderately affordable

Shlage Deadbolt cons

  • Performs poorly in humid conditions
  • Usually last approximately 2-3 years (which is low by deadbolt standards)


Kwikset Deadbolt prosKwikset-99160-002-916 Z-Wave-SmartCode-Touchscreen-Electronic-Deadbolt

  • Looks extremely beautiful
  • Available in multiple sizes and color variations
  • Works well with Alexa voice control
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Formidable durability

Kwikset Deadbolt cons

  • Replacing the batteries might prove as a difficult task without Allen wrenches
  • Inferior durability when compared to Schlage’s deadbolt
  • Batteries run out of juices very fast

Final verdict

Before I pass on the final verdict, I want to assure you that both Shlage’s deadbolt and Kwikset’s deadbolt are extremely valuable for the price. Even though these models appear similar, they’re very different in nature, and they appear to share the price as their only similarity.

After carefully examining both deadlocks, I’ve come to the conclusion that Schlage’s deadbolt is superior to Kwikset’s model – it’s simply better in terms of performance, durability, and ultimately, in value. Regardless, I highly recommend both models if you really value your home’s security – even though Kwikset’s deadbolt is second-best bolt I’ve used, it still does a good bang for the buck.

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