5 Tips for Choosing the Best Charcoal Grill

Tips-for-Choosing-the-Best-Charcoal-GrillWhile you are going to buy a charcoal grill you should consider at first what type of food you want to cook with it. There are different charcoal grills available and they function differently from each other. Charcoal grills generally work by burning charcoal which produces heat to cook foods. But, they come in different sizes, shapes and with different temperature range. Most of the charcoal grills are made with cast aluminium, cast iron, porcelain or high quality stainless steel.

So, when you are thinking to buy a charcoal grill, you have to take into consideration few factors such as the construction material of the grill, the surface area, temperature control system, cleaning procedure etc. All of these will help you to find out the right charcoal grill for you.

In this article, I have made a list of some important features of a charcoal grill. Hope this article will help you to find easily the perfect charcoal grill for you. So, let’s have a look.

Surface area

When you are going to buy a charcoal grill, at first you should focus on the surface area of the grill. How much food you can cook or grill it depends on the area of the grill. If you want to grill for a small family or a small group of people then, a smaller dome-style charcoal grill is enough. But, when you are going prepare foods for family and friends or a large group of people then, definitely you will need a charcoal grill with the surface area of 500 to 1000 square inches or more.

Furthermore, if you want to take your grill with you for camping or to your friend’s house then, a smaller grill is perfect. These are comparatively lightweight and easy to carry than the others.

Temperature control system

Different food requires different cooking temperature. If you want your foods to be done perfectly then, you will need to adjust the temperature.

The lid of the grill has a great impact on temperature control. The tight fitting lids help retaining more heat inside the grill and speed up the grilling process. Therefore, you should not compromise with the quality of the lid. Look for a charcoal grill that comes with heavy and well-fitted lid.

In addition to this, the temperature inside the grill also depends on the dampers and the distance between the charcoal and the cooking surface. Some charcoal grills come with the option of temperature adjustment. These types of grills allow you to move the cooking surface so that you can increase or decrease the heat supply to your food.

Digital thermometer

Nowadays, charcoal grills come with the digital thermometer. You can easily track down the temperature with this thermometer. When you want to grill something in a certain temperature, in that case, you will not find any better alternative than a digital thermometer. You can cook your food at which temperature you want. But, do not go for old models with dial thermometer which may show incorrect data.

Ash removal system

Charcoal produces ash when it burns and you have to remove ash at regular intervals. This is another important factor you should check that the charcoal grill you are going to buy is easy to clean. Some charcoal grills come with removable ash catcher that gather ash and make your ash removing quick and easy. Besides, if you want a charcoal grill for travelling or camping, then a portable charcoal with easy-to-clean option is ideal for you.


The best quality charcoal grills last for many years. So, try to focus little bit more on a quality product. The quality of materials used and the construction are the important factors to consider. The most durable charcoal grills are generally made with cast iron, cast aluminium or high quality stainless steel.

Final Words

Buying the right charcoal grill not only depends on the price of it. It depends on various important factors. A right choice can make your task a lot easier whereas a wrong one can spoil everything. That’s why you should look before buying. Beside this, check out the safety features well before buying. Now, you may have sufficient information about a charcoal grill and you can easily pick one which will be the best suit for you.

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